#187 : II – Thinking about Kurosawa



2 thoughts on “#187 : II – Thinking about Kurosawa

  1. It is a very beautiful and interesting picture.
    Because I like movies, I like works by Kurosawa other than in addition.
    His older movies was monochrome, but I hear that this movie was first started in color.
    When I read the text in the photo, for the first time he used a telephoto lens, I could read it:-)

    1. Thank you very much for kind compliment ! Many other famous film directors call him the greatest film director who ever lived and I think so too…
      I learned almost everything about photography by watching his films, every single film shot in his films is a master still photograph.
      Also in many films Takemitsu Toru wrote the music score…fabulous !
      I am happy you could read that bit from the magazine 🙂

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